Yoga Workshops Birmingham

Fundamentals of Jivamukti Yoga

with Emily Lacy and Raman Devi

Saturday 18th May  2-4pm
Sunday 19th May  9-11am
£40 for both days or £25 each

Jivamukti Yoga is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. The Jivamukti Method is grounded in the original meaning of the Sanskrit word asana as “seat, connection”- relationship to the Earth. Earth implies all of life.
Jivamukti Yoga maintains that one’s relationship to others should be mutually beneficial and come from a consistent (sthira) place of joy and happiness (sukham). This core philosophy is expressed through 5 tenets, which form the foundation of Jivamukti Yoga.
Over the course of the weekend we will explore the core philosophy of Jivamukti Yoga. In depth exploration will on standing postures, forward bends, twists, backbending and inversions. This supported by chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation.

‘An opportunity to see the practice of asana as more than mere physical exercise to keep one’s body fit or to increase strength or flexibility; it becomes a way to improve one’s relationship to all others and thus lead to enlightenment – the dissolution of the sense of separateness, the realization of the oneness of being, the discovery of lasting happiness’ Sharon Gannon.

Core philosophy, breath awareness, standing postures, forward bends, twists

Chanting, breath awareness, back bending, inversions, meditation

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