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Latest Workshops Why not book a place at one of our yoga workshops in Birmingham and give yourself a real yoga challenge?


With Ambra Vallo

image1Saturday 16th September 12pm- 2.30pm

Priced at £30 please book via reception.

In this workshop we will break down the various stages of jump forward, back and through. We will demystify the technique of those “seemingly unachievable” transitional movements to make them accessible to all. Find greater ease and lightness in your practice, no matter at which stage you are at. Let’s make the impossible possible!

We will learn to find the correct alignment, coordinate core and upper arm strength, shift the weight into the hands, and use the breath and bandhas to assist you in the lift off. Understanding the mechanics of flight, patience, faith and constant practice are the key to success.

Journey through the Subtle Body
Jivamukti Workshop with Emily Lacy


Saturday 21st October 5.30pm till 8pm

Join Emily as you explore the map of the subtle body: Exploring the chakra system, the subtle energy centres called nadis and the prana which flows through them. We will examine what they are, the blockages (granthis) that cause imbalance and how imbalance can cause our view of reality to become easily fragmented and distorted.

Learn how they work together with the asana practise (physical postures), pranayama practises (breathing techniques) and bandhas (energetic locks), to bring about purity and balance to body, mind and spirit.

Emily first started practicing yoga in 2010. Despite the intensity and severity of her first experience on the mat, a burning desire to return persisted, that is still with her every day.

She was introduced to the Jivamukti method some time later. Fascinated by the depths of the teachings, an awakening to the intricate connection between the breath and movement became apparent. She is still mesmerized and intrigued by the impact of the teachings: How the sense of freedom perceived on the mat is expanding into our every day lives off the mat.

Early bird is £25 if booked before the 20th September and £30 after.

Please note 24 hrs notice is required to cancel a workshop.  After this all workshops are non refundable.

Keep a look out for upcoming yoga workshops in Jivamukti, hot yoga, rocket, Dharma and many more! As the local specialists in providing the very best yoga tuition to students of all ages and abilities, you can trust Yoga Sweat to deliver a yoga workshop which is fun, rewarding and which is tailored to help you reach your potential. For yoga workshops which you will love in the Birmingham area, look no further than Yoga Sweat and our friendly and talented teachers.