Yoga Workshops Birmingham


Acro Workshop

with Katie Rogers

Saturday 26th Jan 2019


Learn to communicate, trust and let go in our playful acro yoga workshop, where the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of restorative yoga are blended into one.

This workshop is suitable for all levels with no prior yoga experience required. It will involve working with other people, so feel free to bring along some friends, your partner, or come alone and take the opportunity to meet some of our wonderful yogis and make new friends.
All you need is to bring along some some enthusiasm and energy.

In this workshop we will practice a combination of asana sequences, partner stretches, assisted inversions, therapeutic partner yoga and acrobatic flying! You will learn how to “base”, “fly” and support others in “spotting” the postures to perform them safely.

Katie looks forward to welcoming you to the workshop.

Priced at £20 please book via reception or Mindbody.



Vinyasa Krama with Emily Lacy

Saturday 9th February 2.30 till4.30pm

The word vinyasa means “a joining or linking mechanism.” Krama means “the process”. It refers to the succession of changes that occurs from moment to moment. Vinyasa krama means the succession of changes undertaken with a single pointed intention, free from fluctuation.

So often we are not aware of our intention from moment to moment. We move unconsciously or actions come from a place of habit. We often arrive at a point in life not knowing how we arrived at that particular point because we were never paying attention. The vinyasa is the element that sews together the various moments in a sequence of changes. Moving with awareness, we are then able to undertake a sequence of actions with a conscious end point in mind.

During this workshop the key components to a vinyasa practice will be explored, thus giving insight into the linking mechanisms between postures.

‘When you practice a sequence of asanas, you link them with conscious breathing. The real vinyasa, or link, however, is the intention with which you practice asana. It is the intention that links the postures with consciousness instead of unconsciousness. The breath is a metaphor for that intention. If your intention is to practice asana to realise the Self, every breath you take will help break down your sense of separation from others’ Sharon Gannon

This workshop is priced at £25 please book via Mindbody or reception.


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