Yoga Workshops Birmingham



with Richard George

Date to be confirmed

Flexibility on its own weakens the body, so how do we become strong and mobile? One way is to explore ways to add resistance and load to the body whilst practicing yoga asana.

During this workshop we will discuss why the body needs to load bear and will use resistance bands to explore how this changes our experience in various postures. This can help to bring our attention to which muscles might not be utilised in certain postures and deepens our yoga practice towards balance and greater awareness.

Great for any yoga student, particularly those with hyper mobility or teachers looking for creative ways to use resistance bands in classes.

Price £20 if booked in advance via reception – £25 on the day.  Please book via reception.

Date to be confirmed

Kriya Yoga Workshop

with Emily and Raman

The Yoga sutras is regarded as the most precise and scientific text written on Yoga. Written by Sage Patanjali, laid out a map for living a life of happiness, helpfulness and growth of the Soul.
Patanjali highlighted three main kriyas, or actions to advance this goal. Known as Kriya Yoga or the “yoga of action”.

Kriya yoga is an action orientated path given by Patanjali in the second chapter (Sadhana Pada/the chapter on practise) in the Yoga Sutras. This 3 step plan is a practical method to reduce the impurities of the mind, moving one towards clarity of mind, every day mental steadiness and ultimately towards the goal, Yoga.

Exploration will made into the 3 elements that make up Kriya Yoga: Tapah; Purification of the body, mind and senses, Self Study and Surrendering to a higher power and how these can be applied into every day life.

An afternoon spent exploring these three tools based on ancient teachings , breathwork, asana practice and mantras

The kriyas are powerful tools, they set up the conditions for transformation and communication at the highest level of consciousness.

Priced at £30 please book via reception or Mindbody.

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